Communication Philosophy

March 8, 2006    ·    < 1 min read

To date, I have not really talked about what I am working on – partly because I was … Continue reading “Communication Philosophy”


California Calling

February 24, 2006   ·  2 min read

I spent the past two weeks in the Bay Area. I am happy to report that the spirit … Continue reading “California Calling”


Sometimes it pays to be lucky!

February 13, 2006   ·  2 min read

As you might have read in my post on “The Power of Introspection and Detached Analysis” after I … Continue reading “Sometimes it pays to be lucky!”


In Praise of Premium Services

February 6, 2006   ·  2 min read

In this Web 2.0 world free services have been all the rage – from social networking to photo … Continue reading “In Praise of Premium Services”


The Power of Introspection and Detached Analysis

January 31, 2006   ·  16 min read

Every once in a while we are faced with making a decision that will change our life. We … Continue reading “The Power of Introspection and Detached Analysis”


Entrepreneurship: The Game

January 19, 2006   ·  < 1 min read

As a champion of entrepreneurship, I can only applaud the charitable Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, headed by Carl … Continue reading “Entrepreneurship: The Game”


Two more interesting quotes…

January 19, 2006   ·  < 1 min read

Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess. Oscar Wilde The public is wonderfully tolerant. It forgives … Continue reading “Two more interesting quotes…”


A Eulogy to Rong Yiren

January 13, 2006   ·  2 min read

While I never knew him, I would much have liked to. Rong Yiren was a true entrepreneur. Rong’s … Continue reading “A Eulogy to Rong Yiren”



January 13, 2006   ·  2 min read

One cannot but be in awe at the amazing beauty and diversity of Patagonia. From the Perito Moreno … Continue reading “Patagonia”


Investment Banking Fees

January 6, 2006   ·  2 min read

My post praising the value of investment bankers led to a number of e-mails asking for the parameters … Continue reading “Investment Banking Fees”



January 6, 2006   ·  3 min read

My trip to Morocco was magnificent. There was palpable energy in the air and the attitude of many … Continue reading “Morocco”


In Praise of Investment Bankers

December 28, 2005   ·  3 min read

Investment bankers have often decried as adding little value and adding complexity to otherwise simple sale processes. I … Continue reading “In Praise of Investment Bankers”


Fund Raising 101

December 19, 2005   ·  4 min read

Looking back, I realize how little I really knew about fund raising when I started Aucland. It seemed … Continue reading “Fund Raising 101”


St. Moritz

December 16, 2005   ·  2 min read

After a few more meetings with entrepreneurs in Paris including Fotovista (500 million euros in revenues!), oodrive and … Continue reading “St. Moritz”


Inspiring Quotes

December 11, 2005   ·  < 1 min read

I recently came across an amazing site – – with quotes from thousands of people from all … Continue reading “Inspiring Quotes”

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