The world needs Superman!

June 28, 2006     ·      1 min read     · 

In this post-modern globalized world where everything seems to be in shades of grey, it’s easy to wonder whether Superman – and his invulnerability, perfection and undeterred optimism – still has any appeal. Having seen the movie last night, I can answer with a resounding yes!

I suppose that we all want to believe in something greater than ourselves and to some extent it’s liberating to leave our destinies in the hands of others – look at the appeal of religion, statesmen and sometimes entrepreneurs. If anything Superman’s appeal is stronger than ever as a result of this difficult, conflict ridden time we live in.

The movie is entertaining, the story well told and well acted. Lex Luthor takes a welcome turn to a darker side creating a stronger black versus white storyline. That said Kevin Spacey is somewhat disappointing in the role – I expected much more given his roles in Seven and The Usual Suspects. He probably did as well as he could, given a script that vacillated between frivolity and gravity. Surprisingly, Philip Seymor Hoffman made a much more effective villain in MI3 than Kevin Spacey does in Superman Returns. I did not care much for the kid either as his face was expressionless for most of the movie.

That said, all these are mere quibbles in what is a very good and entertaining movie! Superman: the world needs you!

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