Psychology of an Entrepreneur

Kevin O’Connor came across a few interesting studies on what makes entrepreneurs tick:

1. Need to control and believe you control
2. Self-confidence
3. Rebellious
4. Need to innovate
5. Urgency, strong drive
6. Conceptual ability
7. Low need for status
8. Objective, non-emotional
9. Attracted to challenges, highly competitive, gut feelings
10. Big goals, long term vision
11. Charisma

  • I started reading “The Hypomanic Edge” by John Gartner.

    His basic assertion is that the most successful of people are really just people who have hypomania, which is essentially a milder version of mania without the depression downside that makes it bipolar.

    The book isn’t as scientific as I would like, but it’s an interesting perspective nonetheless and he goes through a lot of people including historical figures like Andrew Carnegie, Christopher Columbus, etc.

  • Lemme see here….

    1 through 6 and 9 through 11. Sure.

    But I don’t buy these two at all. If anything, the reverse is true.

    7. Low need for status
    8. Objective, non-emotional

  • No way. Steve Jobs being private is not mutually exclusive with #7 or #8. In fact, people I know who have interacted with him, who consider him in many respects quite brilliant, assure me that neither #7 nor #8 apply to him.

  • I think a twelfth psychological attribute of an entrepreneur could be a high tolerance for ambiguity. After all, like a “creator” the entrepreneur starts by making a vision of the unknown, known.