Quantum of Solace is underwhelming

Despite its unrealistic poker scenes, I loved Casino Royale. I loved its dark, gritty tone. I loved the dialogue, especially between Eva Green and Daniel Craig and I felt the character development was interesting.

Quantum of Solace disappoints on all fronts. The dark, gritty tone remains, but everything else seems to have been lost. The characters are barely fleshed out and as a result the movie remains a one note revenge movie. The villain’s objective does not seem evil or grandiose enough and the setting for the final battle lacks the scale or glamour we have come to expect from Bond movies. Even the action sequences left a bit to be desired as everything seemed too blurry and close up (though that might be an artifact of being in the front row – I only arrived 45 minutes early for the 12:01 am showing on opening night).

For now Jason Bourne remains the 21st century’s James Bond! I hope the next Bond movie focuses more on good storytelling and character development!

  • I loved it !
    It’s not the best one, it’s not as good as Casino Royale, no one will ever replace Sean Connery, but honestly, i loved it.
    However, what you say is true: the bad guy’s plan is laughable, and there is less glamour than in other bond movies.
    You could also add: no james bond type of humor, no sex, no gadgets, the aston is almost invisible … For me, it’s an movie that finds itself in the crossroads of Mission Impossible and James Bond, I guess.

    But hey, i loved it anyway and Craig is good 😉

    Btw Fabrice, congrats for the #21 Silicon Alley most influencial person !

  • Thanks Laurent!

    I suppose with the movie it might just have been a problem of expectations. I need to see it again – this time not sitting in the front row of the movie theater!

  • ouch … that might affect your experience indeed …

    but i could easily understand that one (a purist?) doesn’t like it. it’s original, very different, and Marc Forster took a lot of liberties (like the pursuit / gunning scene that happens in Austria with no sounds and only the opera as a soundtrack …)

  • Fabrice,

    Totally agree with you on QOS, too much action, not a single gadget, just when things were getting interesting in Austria with this big conspiracy, they fly him down to bolivia to shoot everything up.

    Check out slumdog millionaire, its playing at Angelica, excellent movie.

  • I was a bit underwhelmed by it as well. The Aston was just visible at the beginning and although Olga Kurylenko, the new Bond girl, was absolutely gorgeous, I missed the gadgets and the plot.