Sex and the City is just fabulous!

I should start by saying that my review is clearly biased. I have seen every episode of Sex and the City in order and absolutely adore the show! I wondered in what direction they were going to take the movie in light of the effective closure in the series finale. My fears were rapidly assuaged. The movie is the logical continuation of the show and brought back everything I loved about it – the characters, the friendships and the relationships.

I am sure many critics will quip that the movie does not do justice to “woman power” given that the four women’s happiness only seemingly comes from men. It’s also highly unrealistic for four busy women juggling careers, families and relationships to meet every day. However, I don’t care. The same criticisms apply to the TV show, but it’s not realism that makes it great, it’s the stories, the writing, the realistic representation of modern day dating in New York and the setting, featuring the true love of my life: New York City.

I cried, I laughed and I loved every minute of it!

Go see it, if you are a fan of the show, you will not be disappointed!

  • Yes it was great, but oh please, you did not cry.. ?
    ok being stood up at the alter wearing a vivian westwood wedding dress and a dead bird (?) in ones hair is rather painfull to say the least ….

  • Okay, we now know you loved S&C show… you now loved S&C movie.
    You also are the “guru” of happiness and recently quoted Buddah.
    I acknowledged the critc you had on the show and in your recent quote – in summary: you are responsible for your own happiness.
    Buddah basically said that happiness or self achievement is to be reached through non-attachment, be it material or emotional – which I personally agree with, and try to strive to…
    Now that being said, Fabrice, the 10M$ question: would you ever date one of the S&C characters? and if yes, which one? (does not need to be one of the 4 main).
    Scond question, wothr 20M$: your feelings about non-material-attachment?
    Cheers – Carine

  • Carine:

    I will answer the second question first. I am firm believer in the fact that material goods are there to serve you and not the other way around. I remember vividly my parents telling me we had to go to the country house they rented “because we are paying so much for it.” Even then, it struck me as a terrible argument. You go there because you want to and enjoy it, not because you are paying a lot for it!

    Partly as a result, I have no emotional attachment to material goods. I rent my apartment and house. I lease my car. My decorations are extremely minimalist. I have no qualms about walking away from it all and leaving it all behind. Instead I focus on living fascinating experiences. Those are much more vivid and fascinating!

    To answer your first question, my default answer would be no. They are all stereotypical. Women are usually a combination of the various traits. Moreover, they are out of my age range. If the age difference was not an issue and I had to choose, my thinking would be as follows. Charlotte and Carrie are definitely out as they are way too neurotic. Miranda is a somewhat better choice given her ambition and profession, but given that she chooses to date Steve and the choices she makes in life, I have to cross her off as well. This leaves Samantha: she’s independent, ambitious, strong and extremely sexual. Knowing her, it would not be a long lasting serious relationship, but I am sure it would be a lot of fun while it lasts!