Speaking of The Economist

I think many people don’t realize how funny it actually is. Their closing sentences for most articles are usually very sarcastic and they use a very ironic tone in many articles.

Some entire articles are hilarious. A few years ago, to criticize how far the negative externality argument had been taken in banning smoking, they wrote a very funny article on how babies should be banned from airplanes as they impose a negative externality on others – screams, noise and smells.

I suppose that was only trumped by the angry letters they received from parents who had taken the article literally 🙂

  • Also, the image captions are worth a look!. Its not an isolated phenomena. Almost all the Economist photos have really funny captions :)… although most of the times they deal with serious topics.

  • Is that the one where they advocated supplying duct tape on planes as a cheap and efficacious way to seal off the offending orifice? I think their cheif economist argued that the total settlement outlay for modest suffocation rates was greatly offset by increased ticket sales and a “greatest good for the greatest number of people” philosophy. He then went on to say “well, I guess it could look bad if the zeitgeist of the time is such that people want to throw the words ‘baby killer’ around liberally. But the real tragedy is the Tragedy of the Commons, people! Macroeconomics!”

    A little clinical, if you ask me.