You have a brilliant idea for a product and may even have found the technical resources to build it. You are almost ready to get going – now you need to create a company.

For its simplicity of administration, low taxes and favorable courts most companies incorporate in Delaware. The two most common choices available to you are to create an LLC or a C corp. If the company you are creating is going to be relatively small and you intend to live off of its profits use an LLC. It’s cheaper, easier to administer and you avoid double taxation. If you intend to raise money from VCs and are thinking you may eventually take your company public, use a C corp.

The lawyer I recommend for all business affairs – incorporation, fund raising, M&A, contracts, etc. is Marcus Wilkinson at Shipman & Goodwin. I have used him successfully for all my recent businesses. He is quick, efficient and relatively inexpensive. You can reach him at (860) 251-5937.

If you need an immigration lawyer, I recommend David Piver at Piver Law. You can reach him at: 610-975-4599.

Once you are incorporated, you probably need a good book keeper. I recommend Toni Ann Tantillo – (914) 779-7155.

If you need to outsource your development to a great development team, speak with Mariano Weschsler at Digbang ( He is in Buenos Aires but speaks English perfectly.

You should now be set, good luck! 🙂

  • A helpful post, the kind of posts that “first time entrepreneurs” should know about.
    Being there right now, I know how much there is to learn and how valuable this kind of info can be.

    Two things it makes me think about:
    1. The priceless value of user feedback on- and offline, and so the long awaited for this kind of recommendations …
    2. Getting advice from VCs – An interesting post from Fred Willson / Union Square Ventures:

    Hope all is well Fabrice, glad to see already more than 15 hundreds posts on olx !