Steve Jobs was one of us

For the past few weeks I was pondering what could explain the viscerally emotional response I felt when I heard Steve Jobs died. I felt a profound feeling of loss and cried as I would have had close friend, family member or beloved dog passed away. Somehow, Steve Jobs, whom I had unfortunately never met, elicited a similar emotional response.

Upon reflection, I suspect that in a way I felt that he was part of the family. His unique understanding of the human psyche and of what we truly wanted, even if we did not voice our needs, allowed him to build products which we welcomed into our homes and transformed our lives. Through our connection with his delightful products, we felt we had a connection with Steve. In that sense, even though he was exceptional, he was one of us.

  • or «Through our connection with his products, we felt we had a connection with delightful Steve » 🙂 !?