The Clinton Global Initiative is very impressive

It’s very rare for former heads of states to play a meaningful role in world affairs after their presidency. In fact, their employment option is often limited to tours on the speaker circuit. The Clinton Global Initiative is a welcome exception.

I had the privilege of attending the inauguration on September 15-17, 2005 and have been impressed with all they have accomplished since then. I also respect the work they have done with their Millennium Network to broaden their appeal beyond donors who can afford to pay $15,000 to attend their annual meeting.

I especially admire the launch of The Clinton Global Initiatives has always been about making a commitment to better the world. In fact people who make commitment and do not honor it are not invited back. It’s a great idea to open up the concept to everyone and anyone and to publicly recognize the commitment and difference that individuals can make.

Many sites from Wikipedia to Yelp have recognized the potential of empowering their users and publicly recognizing their contribution. I am glad charities are opening up to it as well!

I look forward to impact of all those pledges in the years to come!