The first half of Season 4 of Lost is a masterpiece!

I watched the last three episodes of Lost on very early this morning. The HD streaming quality is great! I don’t know if the lack of sleep made me more emotionally vulnerable or if the claustrophobic feel of watching the show in the dark in my bed on my computer got to me, but I could not believe how amazing and great the episodes were! I even cried at the end of “The Constant”!

I can’t wait to see more! It’s so incredibly good I can’t imagine they can keep up the level, but I sure hope they will! ABC, JJ Abrams, writers, cast and all: you have something special on your hands; don’t screw it up! Watch season 6 of 24 for hints on what not to do!

  • The lost writer did an interesting talk relating to his work on lost and mystery in general on