The John McAfee story is fascinating!

I just came across his engrossing story in a recent copy of Wired. In many ways entrepreneurs, myself included, are a little bit crazy. However, after reading his story, I feel much more confident in my sanity!

I had not read Wired in a long time and was truly impressed by the in depth investigative journalism. I will definitely check them out more regularly.

Read the full story at:

  • A company that markets a virus as an anti-virus product and gets people to pay for it could have only been started by this idiot. Maybe what didn’t happen actually did happen.

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  • “During his time in Belize, McAfee has collected a retinue of bodyguards, dogs, and young women” – with my guards and dogs here I am starting to see an interesting parallel with my life in Cabarete 🙂

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