The Master Cleanse Day 11 Update: The End … for Now!

After 11 days of not eating, the time has come to slowly return to a normal diet. I am going camping in Kalalau (in Kauai) for 6 days. I will have limited access to food there and it’s probably a good idea to get some strength before going, especially as I hear the 11 mile hike in is very arduous.

This experiment has shown me how little I really need to live and be happy; always a useful reminder in this world of plenitude. It has also been a useful sharpening of my willpower as I went out almost every night to dinners with my friends who ate seemingly delicious food while I only drank water. On the positive side, it allowed me to speak even more than usual 🙂 It’s also been an interesting exercise in no longer scheduling your life around meals which allowed me to be even more productive than usual.

After 11 days with no alcohol, caffeine or food, I feel as great as usual and healthy. I lost 16 pounds, at least half of which I expect to gain back rapidly. I was able to play tennis reasonably well, though I did have less energy than usual.

All in all, it has been an interesting and positive experience which I will probably revisit in the future.

  • i think you should include “no salt” in the “no a,b,c” list. if you were losing weight that fast, surely it was the lack of salt and the lack of water retention from that? (given you were drinking lots of fluids.)

  • Hey Fabrice, thanks for sharing the main points of the cleanse, did you find that you were often hungry?

    Also it would be interesting if you could let me/other readers know if the weight jumps back on? (binge eating out does not count 🙂 )