The pitfalls of marrying an entrepreneur

The Financial Times just ran a very interesting article on the pitfalls of marrying an entrepreneur.

As they point out:

  • We want to conquer the world and are willing to sacrifice almost everything, including our relationships, to the altar of success.
  • We want to be challenged in life and will not settle for anything.
  • We have a tendency to overpower, or at least try to dominate relationships and when it happens we get bored and break up.

This sounds exactly like my dating life 🙂

  • I believe that one has to distinguish private and business life. Being larger than life as an entrepreneur should not lead to tyrannize or dominate significant others.
    Why can’t entrepreneurs just relax once home and take it easy ? Many famous business men were totally sweet in their private life: think of Warren Buffett.

  • I have to agree with Fa. High drive is rarely intellectual alone. Your agression hormones get all amp’d up. Testerone, dopamine and adrenaline do not just shut down after getting all spun up. A similar effect occurs when you overdate. That is to say run a string of 5 girls at a time with a baseball batting order like rotation. ( necessary in USA where women have bad attitudes even when fat … ) The testosterone goes to such high levels you get what my male friends and I called the silver-back effect. Named so because the dominant male silver back gets his coloration from hormonal changes………however in the end when you are ready for a family/kids Fa you just need to decide to place your ambition on the table. You really do have a choice between the ambition and the family thing in many ways because of this usage of hormonal motivation. You can delay the choice for a while but in the end you really probably will be forced to make it. If you do meet your match from my experience she is likely to rip your balls off and feed them to you. True story happened to me(not literally)….and she was the hottest coder girl ever seen.

  • It’s true. In fact you enjoyed the success story of Zingy because Zingy was almost going to bankruptcy when in august you started to make money with it. Terms exist by their opposites.

    I understand your excitement for launching a new project as the expression of freedom and passion. By starting a new business you prove that there’s always a better way forward. The world is to re-invent precisely because you are free.

    But it’s more than a question of freedom. I think that you are also a philantropist – like Bill Gates and that you would invest your passion your time and your money only in projects contributing to build a better world. You believe in human progress because most entrepreneurs can contribue to human progress.

    However you cannot dominate everything -time and death for example.

    Life worths nothing but nothing worths life.

    As William Booth – an “entrepreneur” -hum more a philantropist- who founded the Armee du Salut in France said:

    Noise makes no good,
    and Good makes no noise

    and this is so true. Bright spirits, exceptional individuals make no noise. Many philantropists remain anonymous.

    Enjoy life everyday. Remember that your life can end suddenly. A wasted day is a day of sadness, selfishness and ignorance. The best is always to come if you believe in the Human being.