The Real Thomas Crown Affair!

I count The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan as one of my favorite movies and was amused to read a NY Times article on Noah Charney who is essentially the real world version of the Rene Russo character.

Read the article at:

  • Fabrice,
    I’ve followed your blog the past year since I heard your interview on Venture Voice. Thomas Crowne is a great movie, the irony on the timing of this is uncanny- I just dropped this post yesterday:

    I don’t know if you have photoradar there in France but I’m proposing a real life Thomas Crowne scenario with license plates to thwart this idiocy that is photo radar. They’ve already demonstrated that less signage and distraction translates to safer drivers- there are so many reasons to abolish it but the municipalities know it’s not a safety measure but a revenue-generator. anyways, just saw the headline on your blog and thought I’d share…


    ps. i’m trying kite surfing for the first time next week down in Mexico. It’s been on my list for awhile- loved your post on it the other week.

  • Salut Fabrice,
    If there is one topic only on which I allow myself to open my mouth with you, it’s movies and you’ve been amusing indeed with your film critics. But please admit that they are (way?) below the level of your other smart and inspiring visions and thoughts on business topics. And regarding that Thomas Crown, I won’t comment more than to invite you to really see the original again, cause there is no comparison. I’m really not one of these remake-phobic since I almost always love all Shakespeare adaptations, but they have to bring or reveal something better or new. I’m sorry to share that the one you love is, in cinematic terms only, not much more than just another average Hollywood remake. Above average maybe if that pleases you. Maybe you have a personal psy or life tie to that story. That remake is better than usual indeed but… quite useless artistic-wise. For masterpieces references, go Kubrick please. See all his movies a dozen times each over a decade if you enjoy them and I’m pretty sure your vision on others will shift quite a lot. A few other hundreds movies out there should also contribute to make many of your latest “cool” movies look… (enough). Lucky you! You have nights of treasures to discover. You’ll just have to find them. A very easy quest for someone as smart as you.
    PS: Saw you on I-Télé. You’re losing your French a bit (always less than I am losing my English). And you were much less convincing than you are here. You were selling your new company (with average skills below the potential you show here) and did not show much of your wit that we all enjoy here. To your defense, the journalist was not very curious neither and very boring. I wish you well. But please talk business and not movies. or I’ll put up a bad business blog and enroll you into it by force and spam you every week. lol. cheers camarade.

    and you sold as

  • Hi Jab,

    I agree that my movie reviews are not very developed. They are just short recommendations. Worry not, I don’t have any in store in the near term 🙂

    I also agree that I was just average on I-Tele. The questions did not inspire me and I am not as good in French as I am in English when it comes to business. I suppose I just need more practice! 🙂

    P.S. I love Kubrick!

  • ;). Thanks for taking it that way. I’m very pleased to learn that you love Kubrick and I was not expecting less from you. For I-Tele, the questions you had to reply to were stupid or not interesting. The interviewer obviously did not work the matter beforehand. After all, you did right talking mostly about OLX. And just being there was already a smart move. You maybe could have been more convincing if you had anticipated the main topic “What is the next web gonna be” that you would have briefly outlined in the first part of your talk, so that it would have been the best intro to your “selling” part that you would have introduced as your personal response and anticipation to these comming trends. What you did good obviously was to be prepared to pitch your new idea and not care much about stupid questions. You did drive the interview your way. Good journalists don’t like it but the bad unprepared ones love it cause it fills blanks. you did well there. Keep up. Cheers.
    viva Kubrick