The Video History of Amazon by Jeff Bezos

I have always admired Jeff Bezos as an entrepreneur because he actually did what he set out to do. Many other entrepreneurs who succeeded got lucky. That is not to say they were not smart, successful or deserving – after all they were smart enough to capitalize on their luck when it presented itself. However, Jeff is rather unique in having thought through which industry to enter and why and in being supremely logical in its execution (e.g.; choosing to be in Seattle to be near Ingram).

In the video, Jeff presents the history of Amazon and its vision with lots of fun anecdotes. The one about the Bulgarian who sent a floppy disk with $200 in cash hidden inside of it with a note saying: “The money is in the floppy disk. Custom officials steal money but don’t read English” is priceless 🙂

  • I had not realized he was a Princetonian until I watched the video 🙂 He’s one inspiration amgongst many. That said we have a similar approach. He was a banker before being an entrepreneur. I was a consultant. We are both supremely analytical in our approaches to decide which business to enter, how, etc.