Tuesdays with Rupert

Vanity Fair has a fascinating article on Rupert Murdoch. Michael Wolff has been given unprecedented access to Murdoch for an upcoming biography. I was surprised by the picture that emerges of him as a man. He seems much less well thought through than I imagined.

Read the article at:

  • LOL maybe so but what does that really tell you? MMmmm…he’s worth how much? It tells you one of the following

    -1- maybe thinking it to death is not the way to go

    -2- maybe he’s not telling you everything.

    I’ve had a few questions you have declined to answer Mr. Grinda. I suspect the author is to blame not Ruppy. After all Vanity Fair is a liberal leaning publication and Mr Murdoch is a boogy man of the right. I would not on the face of it expect a profound work not the least of which is because leftists are generally retarded but also because they don’t like him!