Uwe Reinhardt is brilliant!

I had the pleasure of studying under Uwe Reinhardt at Princeton. He was by far the best teacher. He gave such entertaining presentations, full of jokes and anecdotes, that he managed to make accounting fun – even at 9 am – an ungodly hour for a college student! I loved working with him so much that I became a teacher assistant for the class.

He recently gave a presentation at a conference for investors in health care. The first part of the presentation is by far the funniest and best description of the financial crisis I came across. Maybe it’s the geeky economist in me talking, but I found the presentation absolutely hilarious!

For more on Uwe Reinhardt, check out his Wikipedia entry.

  • Fabrice,

    Prof. Uwe is definitely “the man”. He made accounting way more fun than it should have been!

    Thanks for posting the presentation.

    Princeton ‘2000

  • Fabrice,

    Dr. Reinhardt was an invited speaker in my company recently (a healthcare company). He gave a shortened version of this presentation. He was so funny decribing the current financial crisis. After his presentation we were wondering what is like to be his students. You obviously have answered my question. I wish I had a professor like that.