Warning: Be prepared for self-indulgent narcissism over the next few days :)

April 14, 2011     ·      1 min read     · 

You might argue that coming from me it might not be much of a change from the usual, but as I have not found a way to share TV interviews or shows about me without appearing narcissistic, I felt a warning was appropriate 😉

On the bright side English speakers will be spared the brunt of it as the interviews and TV shows I will be sharing will be in French.

Today I will be sharing a quick interview I did on BFM Business in front of the Nasdaq last Friday. Tomorrow I will be posting three TV shows from 11 years ago during the Aucland period where a bunch of TV crews followed me around for a while to present Internet auctions and describe the life of entrepreneurs.

On Saturday, I will be posting the sequel to one of these shows. The same TV crew from 11 years ago followed me around Buenos Aires and New York for a week. They will be presenting: “11 years later, what happened to him”. With a week’s worth of footage they can make me say almost anything so it should be interesting 😉

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