Warning: Be prepared for self-indulgent narcissism over the next few days :)

You might argue that coming from me it might not be much of a change from the usual, but as I have not found a way to share TV interviews or shows about me without appearing narcissistic, I felt a warning was appropriate ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the bright side English speakers will be spared the brunt of it as the interviews and TV shows I will be sharing will be in French.

Today I will be sharing a quick interview I did on BFM Business in front of the Nasdaq last Friday. Tomorrow I will be posting three TV shows from 11 years ago during the Aucland period where a bunch of TV crews followed me around for a while to present Internet auctions and describe the life of entrepreneurs.

On Saturday, I will be posting the sequel to one of these shows. The same TV crew from 11 years ago followed me around Buenos Aires and New York for a week. They will be presenting: โ€œ11 years later, what happened to himโ€. With a weekโ€™s worth of footage they can make me say almost anything so it should be interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Fair enough, but it is going to be very interesting as being French I remember quite well these Aucland years and hype; I am sure you enjoyed the idea of a follow-up … do you remember these pupils that Antenne2 -if I am correct- used to follow on a yearly basis for a long time ? but I think that it would be quite interesting to have your own input on who you were and who you are obviously the same but what is your view on that young fellow of the Aucland years ….

  • Both Capital and Envoye Special protrayed me for Aucland. Capital was focused on explaining online auctions. Envoye Special was documenting my life and job as an entrepreneur.

    This new show is the Envoye Special sequel. It airs on Saturday on France 2 at 13:55. Marc Simoncini will be commenting ๐Ÿ™‚