Wine is a big scam!

My friend Auren Hoffman just posted an article arguing that wine is a big scam.

Check it out, I love the sardonic tone:

  • Blasphemy. 🙂

    It is true that served blind and same temperature, most people can not even tell if a wine is red or white.

    Still, I love it. It is because it tastes good not about alcohol. Wine can be more complex in flavors than virtually any food (it better be if it costs more).

  • YUCK….I can tell if its white or red wine by the allergic reaction I get to the white! I think guys generally like red wine and its not for imagined reasons. White is more for the chix. On a health note if you want to get down to really lean state. Say beneath 10% use wine to thin the blood before running. Add a little coffee to jazz you up. Then do 2-4 miles. When all warmed up return and do a full 45 min weight lifting.

  • @Fred, please, how can you start a paragraph advocating drinking wine, then coffee, then weightlifting with the words “on a health note…” 🙂

    I’ve noticed people talk about coffee and chocolate in the same romanticised way as they talk about wine. I think there is a natural instinct to talk-up (bullsh*t) about things we know aren’t good for us really, but we are probably addicted to.