X-Men III is entertaining but ultimately disappointing

Ah, the problem of high expectations… I may have liked the Da Vinci code more than it deserved to be as I had low expectations in light of all the bad reviews on Rottentomatoes.com. For X-Men III the trailer was so good and the reviews so glowing that I was eagerly awaiting the movie. Surprisingly, I did not connect to the characters as well as I had in the previous movies – possibly because the plot surrounding the cure overwhelmed the rest of the story line. It’s all the more surprising as the writers took more creative liberties than I would have expected by killing off or disabling several of the main characters (though maybe not forever in light of the last scene and the short clip after the credits are played). Ultimately the movie is entertaining, but not as good as the first two installments.

  • If this movie was about “diversity” (race, sex, cultures, religions), it really dealt with the issue, because in this case the diversity was so extreme that all the problems had to come out. It’s not by chance that when we think about aliens they are very smart but ugly, cruel and without a God (having special and unique qualities and features is not an advantage in this kind of society which try to flatten anybody and everything to common standards).

    Do you think I’m crazy? Let’s go through the movie.

    In X2 there was already the scene in Boston with the family of one of the mutants – ice man – (who by the way was also in the gay movie “Prom Queen”). His mother asked him: ” can you try not to be a mutant?” (I heard it many times in the families with gay kids).

    But X3 completely dealt with many of the issues related to the diversity today:

    1 – The crazyness of a vaccine.

    2 – The hatred towards diversity for acting, loving and living differently.

    3 – The effort of the humans to humanize the mutants and force them to use the vaccine as a cure (just for personal ego) under the hypocritical behavior to say that it was a mutant choice (the incapacity of the humans to deal with something different from them and many times something much better than them.

    4 – The vaccine used as a weapon (if you don’t behave I don’t tolerate you – I said tolerate I didn’t say accept -).

    5 – The drama of the mutants either to fight to survive or to choose to loose their spectacular diversity not to be emarginated anymore

    6 – Some of them decided to loose their identity with the vaccine, to gain their lover back and not to harm them. But the lover of her choice is not a human at the end, but a mutant with the capacity to turn anything in ice.

    Condidering the 140 Million dollars this movie already gained in the last 7 days, we should be happy to believe that the American population is ready for the “diversity” and love the “diversity” (Just look at the way they applauded in the theatre the actions of the X-men). The reality in practice is that if this “diversity” remains on the screen it’s fine, while people don’t accept “diversity” in the real life so easily (race, sex, religions, cultures, etc.)

    I gave a B+ to the movies and an A+ to the story because if using the trick of the mutants this can generate an interest around “being different” and what does it mean to be different, I think this movie deserves still to be on the top of the list.