FJ Labs’ Purpose

September 6, 2022    ·    8 min read

FJ Labs’ purpose is to improve the human condition through technology. Technology led growth Technology has been the … Continue reading “FJ Labs’ Purpose”


How FJ Labs Evaluates Startups

March 16, 2021    ·  13 minutes

I covered FJ Labs’ investment strategy in the past which covers the type of companies we want to … Continue reading “How FJ Labs Evaluates Startups”


FJ Labs Valuation Matrix

February 19, 2021    ·  2 minutes

A while back I posted the matrix FJ Labs uses to evaluate marketplace startups. It has been our … Continue reading “FJ Labs Valuation Matrix”


How FJ Labs gets its deal flow

August 24, 2020    ·  5 minutes

FJ Labs gets deal flow from 4 sources: 1. Other VCs2. Entrepreneurs in our network3. Cold inbound messages4. … Continue reading “How FJ Labs gets its deal flow”


FJ Labs’ Investment Strategy

June 30, 2020    ·  18 minutes

FJ Labs’ investment approach stems from its roots (read The Genesis of FJ Labs). FJ Labs is the … Continue reading “FJ Labs’ Investment Strategy”


The Genesis of FJ Labs

June 3, 2020    ·  8 minutes

I was about to start a series of posts on marketplaces covering how FJ Labs gets its deal … Continue reading “The Genesis of FJ Labs”

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