Crypto-Enabled Marketplaces

June 27, 2022   ·  8 minutes

By Fabrice Grinda and Matias Barbero As we covered in FJ Labs’ Crypto Credentials, we’ve been putting a … Continue reading “Crypto-Enabled Marketplaces”


How to build and invest in marketplace startups with Grace Gong

July 10, 2020   ·  < 1 minutes

Grace Gong invited me to her podcast. We discuss:   Creating a better marketplace platform  Making better investments … Continue reading “How to build and invest in marketplace startups with Grace Gong”


BOLD Series: The Future of Marketplaces

June 25, 2020   ·  < 1 minutes

I was invited to share my vision on the future of marketplaces for the BOLD Awards. I cover: … Continue reading “BOLD Series: The Future of Marketplaces”


Transcript of All Things Marketplaces

April 28, 2020   ·  41 minutes

My conversation with Erik Torenberg was so rich that I decided to transcribe it for those who did … Continue reading “Transcript of All Things Marketplaces”


FJ Labs Marketplace Matrix

April 7, 2020   ·  < 1 minutes

In venture there is a reasonably clear set of expectations of where you need to be by when … Continue reading “FJ Labs Marketplace Matrix”


All Things Marketplaces

February 11, 2020   ·  < 1 minutes

Listen to “All Things Marketplaces with Fabrice Grinda” on Spreaker. I had a very in depth conversation with … Continue reading “All Things Marketplaces”


Web Summit Panel: The New Marketplaces

November 19, 2019   ·  < 1 minutes

Courtesy of Web Summit


The latest trend in marketplaces

September 3, 2019   ·  < 1 minutes

I am attaching the slides I prepared as support for my Noah Keynote: Marketplaces: The Party is not … Continue reading “The latest trend in marketplaces”


Noah Keynote: Marketplaces: The Party is not Over!

August 16, 2019   ·  < 1 minutes

It seems to come as a surprise to many, but we are only at the beginning of the … Continue reading “Noah Keynote: Marketplaces: The Party is not Over!”


Fireside Chat about building marketplaces with Jason Goldlist at TechToronto

March 13, 2019   ·  < 1 minutes

The chat was fun, detailed and far ranging.


Lessons Learned Building Online Marketplaces

June 25, 2018   ·  < 1 minutes

I had the pleasure of being invited to be the closing keynote speaker at the Global Online Marketplaces … Continue reading “Lessons Learned Building Online Marketplaces”


The Thesis Fabrice Grinda & FJ Labs Use To Invest in 1–2 Startups Per Week

March 20, 2018   ·  11 minutes

42 Questions is a YouTube series exploring options for startups seeking venture capital funding. We interview leading active … Continue reading “The Thesis Fabrice Grinda & FJ Labs Use To Invest in 1–2 Startups Per Week”


The Next Evolution: AI-Powered Marketplaces

May 24, 2016   ·  4 minutes

By Güimar Vaca Sittic and Fabrice Grinda Online marketplaces are fascinating. Matching demand and supply seems mundane, but … Continue reading “The Next Evolution: AI-Powered Marketplaces”


The problem with rental marketplaces

September 28, 2015   ·  4 minutes

By Guimar Vaca Sittic Most of the successful peer-to-peer marketplaces are purchase-oriented. The graph below categorizes some of … Continue reading “The problem with rental marketplaces”


Understanding Vertical Marketplace Innovation

August 24, 2015   ·  3 minutes

By Guimar Vaca Sittic It’s already common knowledge that the latest wave of marketplaces are vertical plays attacking … Continue reading “Understanding Vertical Marketplace Innovation”

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