You are not rational as you think you are!

I am a big fan of Dan Ariely’s book Predictably Irrational.

His amusing presentation at TED goes through some of the illustrations in the book. It’s scary how little (and sometimes random) things influence us so dramatically while we are convinced we are rational actors!

  • Fabrice, I met Dan following an encounter in Davos at the WEF, we saw each other again in London when was publishing his book and introducing it to the UK audience. Read every little line of it and try to use his smartness in our businesses on a day to day base. Very recommendable reading

  • Along these lines I find “the paradox of choice” by Barry Schwartz a really good book – pointing in the direction that we should train to dinstinguish between situations where we do and where we don´t want to decide (ticking the box or not taking the effort to think about it..)

  • That was very interesting.

    Default options has a huge impact on my business.

    By the way Fabrice, as my brother i think we should go bar hopping together 🙂