Crypto-Enabled Marketplaces

June 27, 2022   ·  8 minutes

By Fabrice Grinda and Matias Barbero As we covered in FJ Labs’ Crypto Credentials, we’ve been putting a … Continue reading “Crypto-Enabled Marketplaces”


FJ Labs’ Crypto Credentials

June 13, 2022   ·  4 minutes

People do not realize how active FJ Labs is in the crypto/Web3 space. We are investors in 47 … Continue reading “FJ Labs’ Crypto Credentials”


Episode 33: From VC to Web2 to Crypto with Mark Lurie

April 14, 2022   ·  2 minutes

Mark Lurie is the CEO and co-founder of Shipyard Software. Shipyard Software builds decentralized exchanges (DEX) for specific … Continue reading “Episode 33: From VC to Web2 to Crypto with Mark Lurie”


Episode 28: What’s the deal with crypto?

November 29, 2021   ·  6 minutes

When Satoshi Nakamoto famously wrote the Bitcoin white paper on November 13, 2008, it proposed to solve the … Continue reading “Episode 28: What’s the deal with crypto?”


How I was hacked, and all my cryptocurrencies were stolen!

February 20, 2018   ·  6 minutes

Because I started playing with cryptocurrencies as a hobby years ago, and for a long time they were … Continue reading “How I was hacked, and all my cryptocurrencies were stolen!”


Some thoughts on Bitcoin energy consumption

February 5, 2018   ·  7 minutes

By Eric Denovitzer The rising popularity1 and price in Bitcoin has been accompanied by widespread criticism of the amount … Continue reading “Some thoughts on Bitcoin energy consumption”


Some thoughts on cryptocurrencies

December 19, 2017   ·  8 minutes

To anyone living in the West the purpose of Bitcoin and the blockchain can seem opaque because we … Continue reading “Some thoughts on cryptocurrencies”

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