March 21, 2022    ·    8 min read

This week I was in Finse, Norway training for an upcoming polar expedition. The training involved skiing up … Continue reading “Why?”


Fun interview in Le Monde

July 30, 2013    ·  < 1 minute

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Benoit Hopquin from Le Monde last June while I was … Continue reading “Fun interview in Le Monde”


Happy people perform better!

August 30, 2011    ·  < 1 minute


Matthieu Ricard: The World’s Happiest Man

November 28, 2010    ·  < 1 minute

Ever since I saw Matthieu’s great speeches on the habits of happiness, I was intrigued and interested in … Continue reading “Matthieu Ricard: The World’s Happiest Man”


Matthieu Ricard on the Habits of Happiness

May 20, 2009    ·  < 1 minute

Matthieu Richard makes a great presentation on the phenomenal plasticity of the brain. The deliberate actions one can … Continue reading “Matthieu Ricard on the Habits of Happiness”


Happiness is a skill!

May 2, 2009    ·  < 1 minute

New scientific research that shows we can alter the emotional landscape of our brains from anxiety to happiness … Continue reading “Happiness is a skill!”


Happiness is not contagious after all :)

December 12, 2008    ·  < 1 minute

An article on the Freakonomics blog repudiates the notion that happiness is contagious. While an increase in your … Continue reading “Happiness is not contagious after all :)”


Happiness is contagious!

December 5, 2008    ·  < 1 minute

A new study suggests that your happiness is heavily influenced by the happiness of the people around you. … Continue reading “Happiness is contagious!”


What Makes Us Happy?

September 15, 2008    ·  < 1 minute

There is a great series of interviews on the topic of happiness on Ted.com. Check them out at: … Continue reading “What Makes Us Happy?”


Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

July 25, 2008    ·  < 1 minute

You have to watch this! It’s so inspiring and touching!


Happiness Summarized

August 31, 2007    ·  2 minutes

As a supposed “expert on happiness” (try googling expert on happiness for fun), I am often asked to … Continue reading “Happiness Summarized”


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Positive Psychology in Action

May 1, 2007    ·  < 1 minute

The advent of positive psychology, as mentioned in my recent posts on happiness, is leading to a revolution … Continue reading “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Positive Psychology in Action”


Happiness and the dangers of belief in the written word :)

March 13, 2007    ·  3 minutes

It’s interesting how gullible we humans are. If we read something or watch it in a documentary, we … Continue reading “Happiness and the dangers of belief in the written word :)”


The Science of Happiness

March 12, 2007    ·  2 minutes

I recently came across an interesting article on the science of happiness in Harvard Magazine recounting the emergence … Continue reading “The Science of Happiness”

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