How to run a company with (almost) no rules by Ricardo Semler

They’re Made Out of Meat by Terry Bisson

As usual the First Round Capital parody video is amazing!


Great inspirational video by Michael Marantz

Dear Santa…

First Round Capital's Holiday Video is Amazing!

Fantastic Startup Launch Video

Valentine’s Day Cards for Economists

I love this ad :)


The Ricther Scales should update “Here Comes Another Bubble”


Australian School Answering Machine


What are some tips for people moving to San Francisco from New York City?

iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry


Think you are special? :)

Unpopular Science

Internet landscape circa 2010


This is exactly what we are doing at OLX: we are building a plane in flight! :)

The World According to Americans :)


Now that's serving accuracy!


Read the reviews of the Uranium Ore on Amazon :)


Fantastic BP Oil Spill Parody


Econ philosophy as a rap video :)


Watch Twitteleh: Twitter for your Jewish Mother :)

Not Winnie the Pooh :)


The Pomegranate Phone!


Stand up comics for rationality!


Wall Street Investment Banking Explained


Uwe Reinhardt is brilliant!


Hilarious: CNBC Gives Financial Advice


My Favorite National Geographic Picture of 2008


MacBook Wheel introduced by the Onion :)

September Madness: Place your bets!


Drink heavily and recycle :)


Nigeria on the Potomac :)

Dating Pools


The Right Brain vs Left Brain Test


I'm getting bored of Facebook :)


Great articles by fake Steve Jobs on Facebook and Google


If you are white and in graduate school you are a cliche :)


The Teutonic Viagra


Pinky & The Brain by Steven Spielberg


For the venture capitalist in you :)


You have to see this: Shpigler's advice to Yahoo :)


Entourage is great!


The first half of Season 4 of Lost is a masterpiece!


I’m F*cking Matt Damon & Ben Affleck


Another way to raise money from VCs :)


Wall Street Meltdown

Amazing Art Works – Part 3


Rogue French trader Jerome Kerviel was forced to work 30 hours a week!

Amazing Art Works – Part 2

Amazing Art Works!


Want world peace: play video games and listen to rap music :)


Entrepreneurs strike after negotiations breakdown with National Venture Capital Association


What if 24 what shot in 1994? :)


You have to see this!


Phenomenal skit on the subprime market


You have to see this!


The Onion on political correctness and censorship gone too far!


Remarkable video: battle at Kruger National Park


Effortless, informal writing :)


Great Craigslist Post and Reply


Think about it before committing yourself :)


The Inspiration for the Aucland TV Ad


Meetic: The rules of the game have changed


Lawyers and sex: the future of sex in the U.S.? :)


The funniest prank ever!


Friends? :)


While on the topic of fun videos…


Funniest Ben Bernanke Fed watching video ever :)


Advertising Creativity