Asset Light Living

June 26, 2015    ·    2 min read

After the NY Times article, a number of you have reached out asking for the full list of … Continue reading “Asset Light Living”


Update on The Very Big Downgrade

October 6, 2014    ·  9 minutes

When people successfully sell their company, they typically acquire stuff.  Instead I gave up my house, apartment and … Continue reading “Update on The Very Big Downgrade”


Farewell Harvard!

August 28, 2014    ·  6 minutes

Even when I was little I knew I wanted a dog, preferably a Labrador. I remember begging my … Continue reading “Farewell Harvard!”


The Case for Optimism

December 18, 2013    ·  8 minutes

We live in difficult times. Financial crisis, sovereign debt crisis, euro crisis, Syrian conflict, global warming. We are … Continue reading “The Case for Optimism”


The Very Big Downgrade

December 27, 2012    ·  7 minutes

I decided to radically simplify my life and divide my living expenses by 10! I just returned my … Continue reading “The Very Big Downgrade”


Why I am leaving OLX

December 17, 2012    ·  16 minutes

I decided to relinquish my position as Co-CEO of OLX. My partner Alec is staying as CEO. Given … Continue reading “Why I am leaving OLX”


The Economy: An Optimistic Thought Experiment

July 13, 2012    ·  38 minutes

Over the past few years the economist in me has been profoundly pessimistic about the short and medium … Continue reading “The Economy: An Optimistic Thought Experiment”


The Big Downgrade

December 2, 2010    ·  10 minutes

No, no, Apple’s stock has not been downgraded yet! I am referring to the fact that I divided … Continue reading “The Big Downgrade”


Beijing and China: 14 years later

November 25, 2008    ·  4 minutes

Even though I have been to China many times in the past 14 years, my last trip to … Continue reading “Beijing and China: 14 years later”


The Plasticity of Personality and the Power of Extroversion

August 13, 2008    ·  7 minutes

It has become widely accepted that our brains and bodies are plastic. We can largely shape them through … Continue reading “The Plasticity of Personality and the Power of Extroversion”


How it all began…

May 12, 2008    ·  5 minutes

When I explained how I raised my very first round of financing in a recent post, a number … Continue reading “How it all began…”


Happiness Summarized

August 31, 2007    ·  2 minutes

As a supposed “expert on happiness” (try googling expert on happiness for fun), I am often asked to … Continue reading “Happiness Summarized”


Happiness and the dangers of belief in the written word :)

March 13, 2007    ·  3 minutes

It’s interesting how gullible we humans are. If we read something or watch it in a documentary, we … Continue reading “Happiness and the dangers of belief in the written word :)”


The Power of Introspection and Detached Analysis

January 31, 2006    ·  16 minutes

Every once in a while we are faced with making a decision that will change our life. We … Continue reading “The Power of Introspection and Detached Analysis”

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