Timing is Everything

May 23, 2023    ·    10 min read

“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” As a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, and investor, I … Continue reading “Timing is Everything”


Team Extreme in Antarctica

April 25, 2023    ·  13 minutes

Eighteen months ago, I was contacted by my good friend Kevin Ryan who invited me to join him … Continue reading “Team Extreme in Antarctica”



March 21, 2022    ·  8 minutes

This week I was in Finse, Norway training for an upcoming polar expedition. The training involved skiing up … Continue reading “Why?”


New York Entertainment Recommendations

January 6, 2020    ·  5 minutes

My friends all seemingly decided to descend upon New York for the holidays. As they already saw the … Continue reading “New York Entertainment Recommendations”


Some thoughts on philanthropy

November 28, 2017    ·  4 minutes

As I mentioned in my latest keynote, Let’s Build a Better Future, the best way to improve humanity … Continue reading “Some thoughts on philanthropy”


Nontraditional approach to wealth management

June 19, 2017    ·  8 minutes

I realize this blog post might appear douchey as its content only applies to very few lucky entrepreneurs. … Continue reading “Nontraditional approach to wealth management”


Why I am leaving OLX

December 17, 2012    ·  16 minutes

I decided to relinquish my position as Co-CEO of OLX. My partner Alec is staying as CEO. Given … Continue reading “Why I am leaving OLX”


The Plasticity of Personality and the Power of Extroversion

August 13, 2008    ·  7 minutes

It has become widely accepted that our brains and bodies are plastic. We can largely shape them through … Continue reading “The Plasticity of Personality and the Power of Extroversion”

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