2020: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

My friends and family are the best!

20 Minutes from the Future

2019: Getting my Move On

Avoid Death in the Desert: 75 Packing List Essentials for Burning Man

Thanks for the perfect day!

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the #PopHealth show to discuss the importance of health and well-being

A framework for making important decisions: Step 4/4

Fabrice Grinda, 400x angel (Alibaba, Knotel, OpenDoor, Flexport) and many X co-founder of Aucland, Zingy, OLX and company-builder FJ Labs

Creator Lab Podcast: Fabrice Grinda, #1 Angel Investor In The World // Future Of Marketplaces

A framework for making important decisions: Step 3/4

2018: Giving Up and Moving On

A framework for making important decisions: Step 2/4

Ode to Bagheera

2017: One Big Adventure!

Some thoughts on cryptocurrencies

Some thoughts on philanthropy

BPI Keynote: Let’s build a better future

Keynote BPI : Construisons un meilleur avenir

It was Bagheera’s world, we just lived in it

2016: an amazing year (really)

NOAH 2016 Keynote: Confessions of an Accidental Angel

Some thoughts on Trump’s surprising win

Technology and the Future of Work

My Rematerialized Life

2015: Adulthood?

Life in 2030

Great birthday wishes from Dazeinfo: Happy Birthday Fabrice Grinda: The Extraordinary Tech Entrepreneur

Why I chose Cabarete


The wonderful world of mobile apps!

Asset Light Living

Some Thoughts on the New York Times Styles Section Article

2014: An Epic Year!


FIAF Interview

Great Interview with La Tribune

FIAF Pilier d’Or Acceptance Speech

Fun interview on BFMTV

Update on The Very Big Downgrade

Farewell Harvard!

2013: The Dawn of a New Beginning

The Case for Optimism

Video of my LeWeb Keynote: The Case for Optimism

Slides from my LeWeb Keynote: The Case for Optimism

Good karma

The end of an era!

Am I ambitious enough?

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to white powder!

Raising money from VCs is just like dating!

2012: A Transition to New Beginnings!

The Very Big Downgrade

Dear Santa…

Knockerball rocks!


Is this the most honest interview ever?

The Economy: An Optimistic Thought Experiment

If it's in the press it must be true :)

Very detailed interview about the emerging markets Internet craze


This is the cutest thing to wake up to!

Sheldon Cooper was based on me 20 years ago!

Looking back at 2011, looking forward to 2012

Why Good Entrepreneurs Borrow, Great Ones Steal

LeWeb 2011: The Trials and Tribulations of Angel Investing in Brazil, Russia and around the World!

Very detailed interview about everything I learned as an entrepreneur and business angel

Steve Jobs was one of us

Introducing New York’s First Padel Court!


Help me fix online dating!


I just uploaded the Envoye Special video


Angel Investing Secrets


Cameron Rules, Sarkozy Sucks!


Envoye Special Sequel: Conquering the Web, 11 Years Later


Flashback: Aucland TV Coverage


Warning: Be prepared for self-indulgent narcissism over the next few days :)


A SuperAngel’s Investment Guide

2010: A Year of Change


Interview on OLX, Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship and Life

The Big Downgrade


Emerce eDay Keynote Speech


Summit Series Speech: The Pessimistic Optimist


I am a delusional optimist somewhat grounded in reality :)


The Master Cleanse Day 11 Update: The End … for Now!


The Master Cleanse: Day 6 Update


I just started the Master Cleanse!

I guess this means no Ferrari for me :)


My speech at TEDx Paris (in English)


Malcolm Gladwell is wrong!


Salon at my place


My speech at TEDx Paris on the love of entrepreneurship


Blog Setup


The average price of a home in Detroit is $15,000!

My friend Einat Wilf is in the Knesset!


Looking back at 2009, looking forward to 2010


Cognitive dissonance be damned: I am a pessimistic optimist!


The power of disconnecting


An ode to friendship

35: Reflection on the Passage of Time


Bureaucracy in Action


SeamlessWeb is fantastic!


Looking back at 2008, looking forward to 2009


Change in angel investment strategy

And now for something completely different :)


It’s good to be 21 :)


What the financial crisis means to entrepreneurs


The Clinton Global Initiative is very impressive


Interesting unforeseen application of social networks


The Life Philosophy of Money

The Plasticity of Personality and the Power of Extroversion


A second with Fabrice




Glider acrobatics are tons of fun!


Teaching Bagheera a new trick :)


Why I invested in Lab Pixies


Guest Post: Fabrice In Real Life


Guest Blog Posts


Fun with Lost


Why I invested in Sonico


I am heartbroken :)


The tyranny of time


Graduating from College: Starting your own business or joining an established company?

How it all began…


Buying the right gift


How did you raise your very first round of financing?


Amtrak sucks!


Healthy Living


Jira is a fantastic technical project management tool


Why the startup market is like the real estate market


The Teutonic Viagra


Happy Birthday Harvard & Bagheera!


Renaissance Week-End is phenomenal!


Fun with personality types


Be grateful you live in the US!


Go Masha!

My article in Challenges on the American entrepreneurial spirit


Looking back at 2007, looking forward to 2008


Watch Harvard and Bagheera run in the snow!


Watch Rome!


“Loving” versus “Being in Love”


Gladwell on Genius


Ethics, spirituality and religion: a debate on torture


What Kind of Genius are You?


Passion and love at the end of the age of innocence


Who’s Minding the Mind?


The Theory of Social Obligation


Fly Silverjet to London


Bagheera is ready for the Olympics :)


It has arrived!


Top 10 ways to make better decisions


I love New York!


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Positive Psychology in Action

Must love dogs :)


The Tribulations of a Child of the Internet


Don’t Believe the Hype: The 21 Biggest Technology Flops


Why people believe in God


Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us


It pays to be lucky – part 3


Games are good for you!


David Cowan’s zombies


Looking for an avid SecondLife gamer in New York


Worry not I am still here ;)


Everything bad is good for you :)


The benefits of intellectual curiosity


For the holidays: Do good, feel better


Freakonomics 2.0 :)

Dilbert on McKinsey


The Red Carpet Syndrome


Floss, brush and rinse – the right way!


Alexa Question


To new beginnings!


Rent … unless you want to buy :)


Parkinson’s law is so true!


I’m back :)


It pays to be lucky – part 2


Speaking of The Economist


In praise of The Economist


The power of gestalt


Padel: the future of tennis?


Praise from a VC :)


Communication Philosophy: Part 2


Time Allocation Philosophy


Communication Philosophy

The Power of Introspection and Detached Analysis


Venture Voice Interview


Entrepreneurs Everywhere :)


If it’s in the press it must be official :)


The End of a Journey, the Beginning of a New One