My Rematerialized Life

May 17, 2016    ·    9 min read

In October 2014, at the end of my Update on the Very Big Downgrade, I explained that the … Continue reading “My Rematerialized Life”


Life in 2030

November 5, 2015    ·  7 minutes

I was recently interviewed by Alliancy to discuss the world in 2030. I am transcribing it below for … Continue reading “Life in 2030”


Great birthday wishes from Dazeinfo: Happy Birthday Fabrice Grinda: The Extraordinary Tech Entrepreneur

August 5, 2015    ·  3 minutes

Dazeinfo wrote a really nice article for my birthday full of surprisingly accurate information. I recreated the blog … Continue reading “Great birthday wishes from Dazeinfo: Happy Birthday Fabrice Grinda: The Extraordinary Tech Entrepreneur”


Why I chose Cabarete

July 21, 2015    ·  3 minutes

After 7 years permanently on the road for OLX, I longed to decrease business travel. Sadly, the insanity … Continue reading “Why I chose Cabarete”


The wonderful world of mobile apps!

July 1, 2015    ·  2 minutes

I have to admit that my ability to live and travel light is greatly facilitated by the extraordinary … Continue reading “The wonderful world of mobile apps!”


Asset Light Living

June 26, 2015    ·  2 minutes

After the NY Times article, a number of you have reached out asking for the full list of … Continue reading “Asset Light Living”


Some Thoughts on the New York Times Styles Section Article

June 18, 2015    ·  8 minutes

This goes to show there is no such thing as bad press. I made the cover of the … Continue reading “Some Thoughts on the New York Times Styles Section Article”


2014: An Epic Year!

January 22, 2015    ·  5 minutes

Like in 2013, I spent most of 2014 living with the consequences of the life changing decisions I … Continue reading “2014: An Epic Year!”


FIAF Interview

January 20, 2015    ·  < 1 minute

I was interviewed by Jean-Christian Agid for the FIAF event last December. We talked about everything and anything: the nature of entrepreneurship, life philosophy, the importance of culture in our lives and much more.


Great Interview with La Tribune

January 6, 2015    ·  < 1 minute

La Tribune just published an interview where we discuss the nature of entrepreneurship, the necessity of failing in … Continue reading “Great Interview with La Tribune”


FIAF Pilier d’Or Acceptance Speech

December 29, 2014    ·  2 minutes

It was an honor to be awarded the Pilier d’Or by the FIAF on December 5 at the … Continue reading “FIAF Pilier d’Or Acceptance Speech”


Fun interview on BFMTV

December 15, 2014    ·  < 1 minute

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sabrina Quagliozzi on BFMTV. In this two part interview we … Continue reading “Fun interview on BFMTV”


Update on The Very Big Downgrade

October 6, 2014    ·  9 minutes

When people successfully sell their company, they typically acquire stuff.  Instead I gave up my house, apartment and … Continue reading “Update on The Very Big Downgrade”


Farewell Harvard!

August 28, 2014    ·  6 minutes

Even when I was little I knew I wanted a dog, preferably a Labrador. I remember begging my … Continue reading “Farewell Harvard!”


2013: The Dawn of a New Beginning

January 3, 2014    ·  4 minutes

I spent most of 2013 living with the consequences of the life changing decisions I made in late … Continue reading “2013: The Dawn of a New Beginning”


The Case for Optimism

December 18, 2013    ·  8 minutes

We live in difficult times. Financial crisis, sovereign debt crisis, euro crisis, Syrian conflict, global warming. We are … Continue reading “The Case for Optimism”

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