The Grand Budapest Hotel is fantastic!

April 20, 2014    ·  < 1 minute

It’s amazing how Wes Anderson can create a good story out of any material! The way he films … Continue reading “The Grand Budapest Hotel is fantastic!”


Cloud Atlas is a beautiful ode to everlasting love!

December 16, 2012    ·  2 minutes

Clearview’s Mt Kisco cinema has a tradition of having one of their staff thank us for being there … Continue reading “Cloud Atlas is a beautiful ode to everlasting love!”


Ruby Sparks is thought provoking, beautiful, poignant and confronting

October 8, 2012    ·  < 1 minute

While the movie indulges in a bit of magic realism, it takes flight once you stop questioning its … Continue reading “Ruby Sparks is thought provoking, beautiful, poignant and confronting”


The Avengers is a great ensemble movie

June 10, 2012    ·  < 1 minute

The movie does not quite rise as high as the Rotten Tomatoes 93% critic and 96% spectator scores … Continue reading “The Avengers is a great ensemble movie”


Prometheus is visually impressive, but underwhelming

June 9, 2012    ·  < 1 minute

Watching the movie in IMAX 3D was glorious. Many of the settings and effects were amazing. Unfortunately, despite … Continue reading “Prometheus is visually impressive, but underwhelming”


Mission Impossible 4 is one of the best movies of the year

December 30, 2011    ·  < 1 minute

This is one title I never expected to write. I rarely expect 4s of anything to be any … Continue reading “Mission Impossible 4 is one of the best movies of the year”


Drive was disappointing

September 28, 2011    ·  < 1 minute

Despite the 93% on rottentomatoes, I should have seen the telltale sign. Whenever an audience likes a movie … Continue reading “Drive was disappointing”


Contagion is gripping yet unfulfilling

September 27, 2011    ·  < 1 minute

Contagion makes great points about how civil order would fall apart in supposedly “civilized” societies like our own … Continue reading “Contagion is gripping yet unfulfilling”


Crazy, Stupid, Love is Genuine, Funny, Heartfelt!

August 17, 2011    ·  < 1 minute

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a fun, romantic comedy for adults. It’s unabashedly sweet, yet effectively deals with matters … Continue reading “Crazy, Stupid, Love is Genuine, Funny, Heartfelt!”


Midnight in Paris is tons of fun!

August 12, 2011    ·  < 1 minute

I recently had the opportunity to see Woody Allen’s latest movie, Midnight in Paris, and very much enjoyed … Continue reading “Midnight in Paris is tons of fun!”


Friends with Benefits is well worth seeing

August 5, 2011    ·  < 1 minute

Granted, I am partial to the genre, especially smart rom coms like As Good as it Gets, Something’s … Continue reading “Friends with Benefits is well worth seeing”


Fast Five is surprisingly good!

May 4, 2011    ·  < 1 minute

This might yet again be an illustration of the power of low expectations. I was not impressed by … Continue reading “Fast Five is surprisingly good!”


Megamind is tons of fun!

November 21, 2010    ·  < 1 minute

This year’s slate of animated movies has been great with How to Train your Dragon and Toy Story … Continue reading “Megamind is tons of fun!”


Haunting suspense in Let Me In

November 7, 2010    ·  < 1 minute

Let me in is the best vampire movie I ever saw alongside Interview with a Vampire. There is … Continue reading “Haunting suspense in Let Me In”


The Town is gritty and entertaining

November 6, 2010    ·  < 1 minute

After Ben Affleck’s fantastic directorial debut with Gone Baby Gone, I was looking forward to his next movie. … Continue reading “The Town is gritty and entertaining”

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