The Grand Budapest Hotel is fantastic!

Cloud Atlas is a beautiful ode to everlasting love!

The Avengers is a great ensemble movie

Prometheus is visually impressive, but underwhelming

Mission Impossible 4 is one of the best movies of the year

Drive was disappointing


Contagion is gripping yet unfulfilling


Crazy, Stupid, Love is Genuine, Funny, Heartfelt!


Midnight in Paris is tons of fun!


Friends with Benefits is well worth seeing


Fast Five is surprisingly good!


Megamind is tons of fun!


Haunting suspense in Let Me In


The Town is gritty and entertaining


RED (Retired, Extremely Dangerous) is extremely entertaining!


Monsters is well worth seeing!


The Social Network is a must watch, especially for entrepreneurs!


Kick-Ass is great!


Toy Story 3 is very good


Shrek 4 is very good


Don’t believe the critics: Knight & Day is tons of fun!


Inception is very good


Predators is terrible


Ironman 2 is very entertaining


How to Train your Dragon is the best movie of the year so far!


The Ghost Writer was disappointing


Alice in Wonderland is boring!


Up in the Air is Fantastic!


Avatar is underwhelming


Do not watch The Book of Eli!


Whatever Works is a great movie with fantastic dialogue


Duplicity is tons of fun!


Taken is a fun thriller


Man on Wire is the best documentary of 2008


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is moving, but ultimately disappointing


Netflix and the Xbox 360: a match made in Heaven!


Quantum of Solace is underwhelming


Tropic Thunder is very funny!


Tell No One is the French Fugitive


Batman: The Dark Knight is the best movie of the year so far!


Hancock is extremely entertaining


Mongol is fantastic!


I actually really liked The Happening


Sex and the City is just fabulous!


21 is tons of fun!


Ironman is the best superhero movie to date!


Definitely Maybe is sweet, fun and intelligent!


The Bank Job is lots of fun!


Cloverfield is highly entertaining!


American Gangster is worth seeing


I really liked “My Best Friend” (Mon Meilleur Ami)


The Bourne Ultimatum is phenomenal!


2 Days in Paris feels real and is tragically funny


I love this summer :)


Casino Royale is great!


Borat and the problem of high expectations


Stranger than Fiction is entertaining


The Prestige is awesome!


The Departed is awesome


Hollywoodland is good if a bit dark


The Illusionist is great


Paris, je t’aime is amazing!


Red Doors is delightful


Miami Vice is dark, fast paced and fun


Scoop is enjoyable light summer fare


I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I liked My Super Ex Girlfriend


The Devil Wears Prada is delightful


The world needs Superman!


Russian Dolls (Les Poupées Russes) is great, light hearted fun!


X-Men III is entertaining but ultimately disappointing


The Da Vinci Code is entertaining despite all the negative reviews


Mission Impossible III is tons of fun


Match Point is riveting


Thank You for Smoking is great!


Inside Man is slick!