Is this the most honest interview ever?

At the very least it’s my most honest and intimate interview ever. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, it is also my longest interview ever. The interview is far ranging and covers a variety of topics beyond biographical elements: personal and business life ambitions, ideas on overcoming shyness and much more! Watch it in detail if you want to hear all my “shocking” revelations and the secrets of my success!

You can also download the MP3 version of the interview if you prefer to listen to it.

I knew it all along: video games are great for you and allow you to live longer :)

Not only do games allow you to live longer, healthier life, recent scientific research suggests that intense game playing allow us to improve multitasking, decision-making and creativity.

Watch Jane McGonigal’s great TED speech:

Read some of the summary of the research at:
When Gaming Is Good for You