“The Gentlemen” Series on Netflix is fantastic!

As a long-standing admirer of Guy Ritchie’s distinctive filmmaking style, I approached the Netflix adaptation of “The Gentlemen” with a mix of high expectations and cautious optimism. It’s not as though recent Netflix TV shows have been good apart from “Blue Eye Samurai” and “3 Body Problem” which I highly recommend. I’m thrilled to report that the series not only meets but surpasses these expectations, embodying all the quintessential Ritchie trademarks—snappy dialogue, intricate plotting, and a charismatic ensemble cast.

From the opening scene, the series grabs your attention with its dynamic pacing and clever script. It brilliantly captures the essence of Ritchie’s 2019 film, while expanding on the complex world of British crime in ways only a TV format can allow. The storytelling is intricate yet accessible, weaving multiple storylines into a tapestry that is both engaging and exhilarating.

The casting is a particular triumph. The actors embody their roles with a palpable relish that is infectious, making each character memorable and unique. Their performances highlight Ritchie’s skill in crafting vivid, larger-than-life personas that you can’t help but root for, despite their often dubious morals.

Visually, the series is a feast for the eyes. The cinematography pays homage to Ritchie’s cinematic style, using dynamic camera movements and a saturated color palette that enriches the narrative. The set design and costumes are meticulously crafted, enhancing the immersive experience of London’s gritty underworld.

Moreover, the series excels in its witty, sharp dialogue—a hallmark of Ritchie’s work. The conversations crackle with energy and humor, maintaining a balance between tension and comedy that keeps the viewer on their toes. It’s this masterful scriptwriting that has always set Ritchie’s projects apart, and “The Gentlemen” is no exception.

“The Gentlemen” on Netflix is not just a series; it’s a masterclass in genre storytelling, maintaining the spirit of its cinematic predecessor while carving out its own identity. It’s a must-watch for fans of Guy Ritchie and newcomers alike, offering a clever, stylish, and thoroughly entertaining adventure into the world of crime and retribution.

Zero to One: How to Create a Global Leader in a Constantly Evolving World

Non-French speakers can skip this interview. I am not particularly visible in France but given that I am French and a lot of my friends and family are not native English speakers, I thought it would be nice to create content they could understand fully. As such I agreed to join Jonathan Yana, Matteo David, Gary Rouch on their Zero to One podcast to discuss my entrepreneurial path and everything I learned along the way.

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